About Us

Mission of the Lincoln Club of Fresno County

  • The Lincoln Club of Fresno County is focused on the recruitment and support of local and state candidates who promote conservative principles based on fiscal responsibility, limited government and efficiency across the Valley, and will act as a watchdog to ensure their accountability.
  • We are independent from any political Party and focus primarily on economics and business, not social, issues facing the community and region.

A Simple, Straightforward Plan

  • Recruit and elect fiscally conservative, pro economic growth candidates.
  • Hold those candidates accountable once we help get them elected
  • Drive voters to our website so that they have guidance prior to voting
  • Defeat candidates whose interests are hostile to job creation, prosperity and individual freedom.
  • Recruit members to help finance our strategy.

Who We Want to Involve

We want to involve business owners / professionals, community leaders, and elected officials to join the Lincoln Club of Fresno County.

Coalitions are incredibly important in politics.  We think many associations, businesses and professionals will be interested in an organization that aggressively looks after their political interests.  In order for someone to join the Lincoln Club, they must have their membership sponsored by a current member or Director of the Board.

How you can help!

Join the Lincoln Club NOW. A membership starting at $1,000 will greatly help us as we grow our organization in preparation for 2010. Please tell your clients, associates and friends about the Lincoln Club and its goals for the upcoming year.

Abraham Lincoln

Throughout his life, modeled the principles of the Republican Party, which he fathered. They are principles that distinguish Republicans from other political parties:

  • Each individual is responsible for his own place in a free society.
  • Government should be limited to doing for people those things that they cannot do for themselves.
  • Governmental power and resources should be kept close to the people.
  • The individual's opportunity to succeed should be limited only by his or her own initiative and enterprise.
  • Individuals should be free to use their talents in a competitive free-enterprise system.
  • Peace and freedom must be protected by an America that maintains a defense force strong enough to deter aggression.
  • The people should control their own and the government's pocketbooks.
  • Solutions to problems lie in the greatness of the American people: people helping people with a hand up rather than a handout.

With malice toward none; with charity for all; with firmness in the right, as God gives us the right to see

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