Feb 05, 2020

March 2020 Voter Guide

The Lincoln Club of Fresno County does not issue endorsements in every campaign.  This year, it is our belief that the most crucial elections in our area are in the City of Fresno.

Mayor - Jerry Dyer

Fresno could not have a more stark choice for Mayor in 2020.  A former police chief, experienced in budgets and public safety, and a pro business advocate.  Dyer could not be a clearer choice. Andrew Janz has never managed any substantial organization.  He is in love with being a politician, isn't pro business, and has no experience doing anything even close to CEO work.  He isn't just a poor choice, he is a dangerous choice.  Vote Jerry Dyer.

Fresno Council District 4

This race features decline to state candidate Nathan Alonzo and progressive left wing Democrat Tyler Matthews.  Why is District 4 important?  Because Fresno is on the cusp of a San Francisco type leftist majority on the council.  Alonzo is a center right, pro business advocate supported by the Chamber - Matthews is supported by big labor.  Alonzo, along with Mike Karbassi and Garry Bredefeld, could form a pro business coalition against Miguel Arias, Esmerelda Soria and Nelson Esparza, making Southeast Council Member Luis Chavez a crucial swing vote on economic development matters.  Vote Nathan Alonzo.

Superior Court Judge

The Lincoln Club has endorsed former Fresno Country District Attorney Elizabeth (Beth Egan) for the open Superior Court seat.  She has the backing of much of law enforcement, and the experience to enforce California's laws from the Superior Court bench.  Vote Elizabeth Egan.

CLOVIS Unified School District Measure A - Vote Yes

The district has consistently been conservatively financially managed.  It studies demographic trends, purchases land for new school sites well in advance of immediate need, and has an excellent oversight process when dispensing bond funds.  For these reasons, and for the obvious concerns related to maintaining older school sites, we endorse the Measure A bond proposal.

FRESNO Unified School District Measure M - Vote No

We oppose this behemoth $325M dollar bond measure for school district that IS NOT growing and is not raising academic standards.  We have no confidence in the Trustees, who've demonstrated no business acumen and are using their positions for political purposes.  Fresno Unified is a deterrent from people wanting to establish business and residency in our area, as Clovis, Central and Sanger continue to outperform FUSD by every measure.  Send a message to the Trustees and vote NO.

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Lincoln Club of Fresno County

Feb 05, 2020

March 2020 Voter Guide

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